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...May the 4th be with you... by Ax25
...May the 4th be with you...
Happy Star Wars day everybody! This calls for my Star Wars  beauty Amarev :heart:

Art & character(c) Ax25me :blackrose: 
Star Wars (C) George Lucas/Disney
...Flawless... by Ax25

Two reasons.
1. I love her.
2.... I secretly believe that if I draw these pair of boots enough times I will obtain them without paying thousands of pounds for them :lol: Givenchy y U so expensive????

Art & character(c) Ax25me :blackrose: 
...Kylo and love... by Ax25
...Kylo and love...

Inspired by amazing @johannathemad doodles, ugh I love her style and ideas so much!:heart:

It took me too long to finish this one, I’m late so now we have Sunday doodles with Reylo. And also my birthday, Reylo for birthday yaaas please! Flustered Kylo is my fav Kylo <3

ANY ship hate will be hidden, i have no tolerance nor patience for you people. 
I don't care if these two are potentially cousins, siblings or whatever. Until proven otherwise I will draw these two together. Get over yourselves.

Art(c) Ax25me :blackrose: 
Kylo Ren & Rey(C) Star Wars
...Bonnie and her music... by Ax25
...Bonnie and her music...

Bonnie likes to listen to some music before her killer work out with Stray, today Bon's serving some Beyonce. (( Yes she's a fan of Queen Bey))

....Dem legs tho ;)

Art & character(c) Ax25me :blackrose:
  • Drinking: water
I got tagged by nightwish77, thanks hun :hug:

1: It's up to you whether or not to accept a tag.
2: If you choose to accept, create a journal and do the following:
Copy and paste the questions asked by the person who tagged you.
Answer those questions.
Then, tag 2-11 people
And ask those people 11 questions of your own.
3: Tag-backs are allowed.
4: Don't forget to copy and paste these rules!


1.Cannon or non cannon ships ? (cannon means when a couple exist in the movie and non cannon when you make it ... for an example : Thor and Jane is cannon but Thor and Sif is non cannon okay? )
Non cannon ( but soon will be ) Kylo Ren x Rey from Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera and Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera, April O'Neil and Raphael from TMNT
Cannon: ...none??

2. We all had achildhood fear and we couldn't sleep some nights or walk with the lights closed , what was yours ? and why? ( for an example I used to be scared of mirrors at night because I though that sth is gonna come out from them ..)
As dumb as it's going to sound my childhood fear is still present, as I am still terrified of thunderstorms. Not when I'm at home but when I have to go out and the storm in brewing outside.

3. Imagine that one of your friends say something bad( or that it is crap) about your fandom or the character you like in front of you .. How do you react?
I'd ask them why they feel that way and in the end we'd agree to disagree. We cool.

4. Meet your favourite celebrity reaction ?who is your favourite one and how would you react to that ( these are always fun to ask)
In my head I'd be so eloquent and nice and polite but in reality I'd be there just hyperventilating and mumbling 'Im such a big fan of yours, such a big fan!'

5. Where do you think you would belong to : Griffindor , Slytherin , Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?
I belong to Ravenclaw, Pottermore can vouch for that ;)

6 . Imagine a Genie Genie Emoticon :genie: v2  appears and gives you 3 chances to wish something and it would happen .. What would you wish for? (3 wishes)
I'd probably ask for my dream job... And that's it I guess o.o

7 .How do you envision me in your mind? Give me a physical description of what you imagine me looking like.
Well since you like Loki I kinda imagine you a little like him...if that makes sense.

8 . Do you like being tagged?
Depends on the day really.. Sometimes I can't be arsed :XD:

9 .Weirdest fandom or favourite character dream?
Reylo becomes cannon..??

10 . If you could live in any fictional place or world where it would be and why?
I'd say Star Wars, on Naboo. So green and beautiful!

11. A song stuck in your head at this point? Does it bothers you or makes you feel good with?
There is one but it's more like a melody. [link] 
And no it doesn't bother me :D

No questions from me, mostly because I am not a very creative person when it comes to asking questions. Sorry :C

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