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Edit: Just for info for some people. Jake& Neytiri aren't the only mated Na'vi couple. And those Na'vi in the pic AREN'T Jake and Neytiri for sure. It's Ey'lan& Tanea.
Rant over.

'Prison gates won't open up for me
On these hands and knees I'm crawlin'
Oh, I reach for you
Well I'm terrified of these four walls
These iron bars can't hold my soul in
All I need is you
Come please I'm callin'
all I scream for you
Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin'...'

Since my obsession about Na'vi/Avatar stuff is getting stronger, I wanted to draw something more challenging and well, more complicated. And I hope I succeded :lol:

I'm still learning how to draw Na'vi properly :) Behind Ey'lan you can see his Palulukan named Ti'rey.

From the very beginning Ey'lan and Tanea didn't get along with each other. Mostly because they couldn't understand and trust each other. Everything changed when Ey'lan saved Tanea in the Hell's Gate...

I hope you like it~:heart:

Lyrics (c) Nickelback
Na'vi & Palulukan (c) James Cameron
Tanea (c) :iconjivra:
art & Ey'lan(c):iconax25: me :blackrose:
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Submitted on
August 31, 2010
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